Putting a new Shine on The Star

We’re busy sprucing up The Star and thought it would be great to give you a sneak peek at some of the work so far.


Starting with the outside, a new coat of paint is putting on a new, welcoming shine. Use the yellow slider control in the middle to slide left and right to see the transformation:


New tables, chairs, wall and window treatments, and new flooring…

And a few more for good measure….

Click images for more information.

You’re welcome to stop by to experience the new Star Inn in person. We’re also planning a renovation of our rooms (beginning October 1) and will post pictures of our progress, so stay tuned!


Julien & Rachel


Things, they are a changing…

The Star Inn rooms will be open and available until 1st October 2016 at which time they will be closed for a short period for complete renovations. We plan to re-open and resume bookings for rooms before the end of the year.